Face Shuffler

Category: Face Shuffler, Utilities October 14, 2010
View Details 0 Imagine how you would look with your girlfriend’s lips and your boss’s nose…Take photos of your friends, ... More Details


Category: iSpam February 5, 2010
View Details 0 You are under attack. No matter where you go, they find you. Trying to contact you, demanding  to be heard. T ... More Details

Kill Z Bug

Category: Kill Z Bug January 19, 2010
View Details 0 Turn off the lights, surly they’ll come, Seeking and lurking crumb after crumb. Wiggly antennae with slimy a ... More Details

Kill Z Mouse

Category: Kill Z Mouse December 29, 2009
View Details 0 Beware, beware, the mice infestation is coming round, and this time you don’t have a magic flute to drive th ... More Details

picture based phone book

Category: FriendlyFace, Utilities December 15, 2009
View Details 2 The app is an image based phonebook. A fully automated process gathers all of your contacts’ images fro ... More Details

Grab A Bite

Category: Games, Grab A bite December 14, 2009
View Details 0 Now it’s down to you and the mighty king Cobra. Hungry but not tired, thin but not skinny, you are now at th ... More Details

Hangman Master

Category: Games, Hangman Master December 11, 2009
View Details 0 Hangman Master is the most fun, addictive and enjoyable pass-time application out there. Want to test your kno ... More Details


Category: BatteryExpert, Utilities December 7, 2009
View Details 0 ** NEW to version 1.3 – the expert talks!!! ** Check out your battery status and hear what the expert ha ... More Details


Category: BreakAGlass, Games December 7, 2009
View Details 0 Ever heard of a wine glass shattered by opera singers? Can it be done? Sure it can! But can you do it? Do you ... More Details download Kill Z Bug at itunes Hangman Maser iPhone app Battery Expert iphone app iSpam GrabABite iPhone app at itunes Down load FaceShuffler now! kill Z mouse BreakAGlass iphone app at itunes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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