You are under attack. No matter where you go, they find you. Trying to contact you, demanding  to be heard. They charge from all over with their phone calls, chats and emails. If you answer you’ll get more popular. Should you ignore – they will get upset. So what do you ... Continue Reading

Kill Z Bug

Turn off the lights, surly they’ll come, Seeking and lurking crumb after crumb. Wiggly antennae with slimy attire, In your head comes to vision this one true desire. So grab your fine sandal, spray can and gun, Squashing those critters never felt so much fun. After some practic ... Continue Reading

Kill Z Mouse

Beware, beware, the mice infestation is coming round, and this time you don’t have a magic flute to drive them away.. Use your finger to dice, shoot and blow up the mice as they enter the screen! The more mice you destroy, the more elaborate and expensive weaponry systems you w ... Continue Reading

Grab A Bite

Now it’s down to you and the mighty king Cobra. Hungry but not tired, thin but not skinny, you are now at the market place, only to find the best of foods guarded by the ferocious Cobra. Cobra de capelo, “The hooded snake” is a one of the world’s most venomous snakes R ... Continue Reading

Hangman Master

Hangman Master is the most fun, addictive and enjoyable pass-time application out there. Want to test your knowledge? Do you consider yourself smart? Are you bored and want to have some good time? Try to reveal the unknown word by combining your intellect, knowledge base and luck ... Continue Reading


Ever heard of a wine glass shattered by opera singers? Can it be done? Sure it can! But can you do it? Do you believe you have the vocal abilities to do so? BreakAGlass is the ultimate challenge of volume and pitch accuracy for all ages. You will face various glasses, each of whi ... Continue Reading

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